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Establishing a personal presence on the internet is a daunting task.  I have literally typed and erased the second sentence of this post, now ten times.

There has to be a start and it doesn’t have to be perfect.  Its a matter of putting words on paper and being okay enough with them.  I have no idea where my musings will go in this space.

I have no desire to turn this into a “side hustle”.  I just want a place on the web where I can put myself out there and let people read if they chose to and not read if they don’t.

I am not an expert in anything, nor do I claim to be.  I just want a place where when people “google me” the find something of interest and substance.

Ironically, if you google me, you tend not to actually find me.  You tend to find all kinds of things pertaining to bourbon.  I often say that my parents had a great sense of humor when they named me.  That’s probably more a whimsical “cocktail party” sentence than a matter of fact.

My parents, though mildly amusing people, aren’t actually that funny.  They probably didn’t actually think through the implications of my name much at all.  Its just the name I have and its kinda funny that I share my name with a bourbon.

I think I have a decent, albeit wry, sense of humor and because of this when people find the need to comment on my name, I have a retort ready at the hand.  I say, “yea, my parents had a great sense of humor.”  This just simply isn’t the reason I have this name at all.

Maybe, someday, I’ll take some time and write a post here on how I actually go this name.  I really don’t quite know how that happened.  It is some vague story about my uncle or maybe my great uncle, both named James and how they decided to name me after him.  I’m not quite clear on it all.  That lack of clarity may actually make for a good read some day.

So there.  I did it.  I wrote a first post for my personal webpage.  That was mostly painless.

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